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Vogel Psychology ​Solutions

Dr. Alejandro Vogel, PHD

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  • Personalized Psychological Therapy
  • College Counseling
  • Career Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Addictions and Rehabilitation

Personalized ​Psychological ​Therapy

Hello! I am Dr. Alejandro Vogel, a ​psychologist with extensive ​experience in the field of mental ​health. My goal is to help you find ​the emotional balance and ​happiness you deserve. Explore my ​services and feel free to contact me ​to start your path to wellness.

College Counseling

Applying to college is such an ​exciting time! But it can also be ​very stressful. After all, receiving ​acceptance offers from the right ​colleges could change the course ​of your entire future. You want to ​make sure your admission ​application is the best it can be.

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Life Coaching

Do you need clarity in your ​personal life? Life coaching ​gives you tools to improve your ​relationships, manage stress ​and achieve your personal ​goals. Discover your potential ​and live a full life!

Career Coaching

The world of work can be ​challenging. As a career coach, I ​will help you develop skills, set ​goals, and overcome obstacles in ​your career. Together we will ​create a plan to achieve your ​professional dreams


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